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All you need to know about chronic kidney diseases and transplant

| Renal Sciences, Urology and Kidney Transplant
All you need to know about chronic kidney diseases and transplant

The two bean-shaped organs, located just below the rib cage, are meant to filter wastes from our blood. Their job is to filter 200 quarts of blood a day, resulting in filtering out about 2 quarts of waste in the form of extra water, that eventually passes out in the form of urine from our body.

Now, what happens if your kidneys stop working or begins working abnormally?

 Our body begins filling in extra water, which results in swollen body parts, and that may lead to another organ failure. This condition is termed as Uraemia and Dialysis come out as the only solution to the problem.

Points to remember by everyone

  • Kidneys are the most vital organs in our body that constantly keeps working to filter our blood
  • You should see a nephrologist regularly if you are suffering from a renal disease
  • Diabetes and high blood pressures lead to chronic kidney diseases
  • Chronic kidney disease (CKD) boosts the chances of having heart attacks and strokes
  • For those who are in the early stage of renal disease, can save their remaining renal functioning by:
  1. Controlling diabetes
  2. Controlling blood sugar
  3. Maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol in their blood
  4. Maintaining a low-protein diet
  5. Taking an ACE inhibitor or an ARB
  6. Last and most important – quitting smoking

Renal Sciences and kidney transplant at Signature hospitals

Signature hospital, offers the most-advanced kidney treatment options for almost all types of kidney problems. From rejuvenating physiotherapy sessions to the latest surgical procedures, all possible medical efforts are applied here to correct the functioning of your vital organ – kidneys.

Listing a few Facilities & Renal procedures offered by Signature to treat your kidney problem:

  • Renal Dialysis
  • Renal Biopsy, Renal Function Test 
  • Kidney Transplant, 
  • Highly Antigenic Kidney Transplant, 
  • Re-Transplant 
  • ABO-incompatible Kidney Transplant 
  • Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy: Lesser post-operative pain, Shorter stay in the hospital, Faster recovery
  • Paediatric Urology & Uro oncology 

Endo-Urology – Laser-assisted TURP | URS | PCNL for Kidney, bladder, prostate

  • Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy
  • Reconstructive surgery 

Hypospadias, Epispadias, Bladder exstrophy, stricture urethra

  • Separate & specialized Renal Transplant ICU has laminar airflow with Hepa filters 
  • Team of Intensive Care Specialists, Transplant Surgeons & specialists and Nurses.
  • Special emphasis on nutrition 


Moving on to the most-advanced kidney and renal treatments across the world, let’s see what Signature has to offer, actually all of them:

  • Use of holmium laser technique for prostate and kidney stones surgery.
  • Latest urology equipment and uroflowmetry.
  • RIRS - With flexible cuts and scopes and laser it is a no-cut operation for any type of size stones.
  • Lithotripsy technique (ESWL) for kidney stone treatment.
  • The facility of CT/MRI, Ultrasound with Doppler, Digital X-Ray
  • State of the art dedicated kidney transplant unit with HEPA filters, laminar flow and barrier nursing

How Signature is different from other kidney treatment hospitals?

Hospitals like The Signature comes into existence when the best surgeons &  medical procedures that meets luxury. It’s a premium medical space in Gurgaon with the most advanced medical technology.

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