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New Normal Comes With New WFH Issues!

| Neurology, Spine & Neuro Surgery
New Normal Comes With New WFH Issues!

Since the end of 2019, Coronavirus has been disturbing the normal routine of almost everyone across the globe. May it be work, health, or the basic day-to-day activities, everything has gone way apart from what had been the ‘normal’ before Covid-19 had hit us. So, today, let’s know more about the work from home health problems and how to cope up with them in these troubled times so that we come out smoother.

The home isn’t quite up to the workplace standards!

Because the transition to work from home was so immediate, people had to work in substandard conditions in makeshift offices. Most of us had to camp out in shared living spaces like dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, or even laundry rooms. Only a handful of people had the privilege to work from dedicated office spaces in separate rooms. These tough situations spiked numerous work from home problems amongst the masses like:

  • The state of our health in the remote workplace is degrading each day, as working from home is taking a toll on employee’s back and joint pain.

Since people started working in makeshift home offices with minimal movement, it’s not surprising that they are experiencing back pain from working from home – a major work from home issue. According to the surveys conducted, some people pointed out that working from home has newly caused them back pain, whereas others denoted that the pain has gotten worse because of working from home.
So, let’s look at a few tips that may help us to deal with this situation:

  • Set a separate work station
  • Find your ideal chair
  • Do some stretching exercises in the morning
  • Support your lower back
  • Place the computer screen at a comfortable height
  • Make sure to move as often as possible
  • One of the other remote working issues is working from home affecting mental health.

With social isolation and loneliness topping the list of challenges during COVID-19, the impact of working from home on mental health is also a growing issue for everyone alike. Just like the back pain from working from home, people have either newly experienced stress, anxiety, and depression during these troubled times or it has simply worsened with the circumstances.
So, let’s see what we can do to help ourselves fight the psychological effects of working from home:

  • To boost up the mood, try interesting activities like meal prepping
  • Regularly do physical exercise
  • Clearly differentiate between your work and home spaces
  • Try time blocking and tracking to not put too many or few hours at work
  • Take breaks often
  • Stop any type of comparison, either between your co-workers or others in similar roles

If we try to list down all the work from home difficulties, then it might turn out to be a very long one, as we are constantly struggling to push through. So, try to cheer up yourself as much as possible, and if there’s anything abnormal with your body that’s causing you to worry, then don’t hesitate in reaching out to the experts at The Signature Hospital, Gurgaon.

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