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How are Signature’s hi-tech and luxurious facilities contributing to Cardiac Sciences?

| Cardiac Sciences
How are Signature’s hi-tech and luxurious facilities contributing to Cardiac Sciences?

Mark of excellence in cardiac sciences, Signature houses and facilitates multitudes of heart treatments to bring back hundreds of smiles every day. With a long-running experience of 45 years, the hospital has recorded thousands of cardiac and cardiothoracic surgeries with the success rate of more than 99 percent.

A superb team of experienced cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons is united at Signature from the top Institutes in India and across the world to handle all; acute, critical, and urgent heart conditions with the help of advanced cardiac facilities.

The luxurious Signature hospital is equipped with modern Cath Labs, Cardiac Critical Care Units, and Intensive Care to support our genius cardiologists and post-operative care teams who make it a perfect place for the treatment of any cardiac-related disease or problem.

Signature’s Speciality in Cardiac Sciences

Doctors at Signature has vast experience in the major and highly-complicated heart surgeries, which involves all types of valvular heart disease, adult and paediatric heart transplantation, and paediatric heart surgery. The hospital has received the status of being one of the best heart surgery hospitals in India.

Types of Cardiac treatments offered at Signature:

Beating Heart Bypass Surgery (OPCAB – Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery)

Valvular Heart Surgery

Congenital Heart Disease (Atrial Septal Defect, Ventricular Septal Defect, Tetralogy of Fallot)


  1. Identifies the blockage
  2. Confirms and selects the right size
  3. Helps your cardiologist correct placement of stent or bypass


The FFR determines whether the patient needs a stent or bypass for the treatment, or the patient is able to be treated with the help of medicines.


It is an effective procedure for treating Calcified Difficult Lesions

Non Invasive Cardiac Lab

ECG machines, 2D Echocardiography/Doppler Studies, Stress EchoCardiography, Tissue Doppler,


Holter Analysis

ECMO is also available, which is available only in a few hospitals in India.

Cardiac CT Scan

State-of-the-art Modern Cath Lab & OT

Heart Diagnostic, Imaging, and Treatment Facilities

  • Cardiac CT SCAN
  • High-tech Cath Lab
  • ECG
  • Stress Echo
  • Echocardiography//Doppler Studies
  • Emergency Pacemaker
  • TMT (Treadmill Test) 
  • Holter Monitoring 
  • State of the art Cardiac OT
  • Full-time of Cardiologists & CTVS


      Specialised Procedures, Surgeries, and treatments at Signature:

  • Coronary Angiography 
  • Peripheral Angiography
  • Complex angioplasties
  • Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)
  • Minimally invasive heart surgery (MIS)
  • Open & closed Heart surgeries
  • Heart hole surgeries  (ASD, VSD, PDA)
  • Modern beating heart surgery
  • Electrophysiological studies and RF ablation
  • Valve repair and replacement

Dedicated Cardiac ICU 

Cardiac ICU with central monitoring, multi-format bedside monitors, invasive pressure monitors, and latest ventilators with intensivists and highly trained nursing staff available round the clock.

Cardiac ambulances available for quick pick-up transport of patients.

A dedicated team of Cardiologists and Cath lab technicians have a wide experience in the management of complex cardiac problems.

Top of all these services, Signature has appointed one of the best Interventional Cardiologists in India. Let’s know him better:

Dr. Deepak Natarajan


(Director of Interventional Cardiology)


Know the Super Doctors’ team of Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery, ready to treat you humbly & wisely.

  • Dr Suman Jatan - MBBS, MD (Medicine), DM ( Cardiology)
  • Dr. Binay - MD (Medicine), DM ( Cardiology), Fellowship (ElectroPhysiology)
  • Dr. Sayeeda Farhana Yasmin – MBBS, Dip, in Cardiology
  • Dr. Sanjay Kalra – M.ch (CTVS)
  • Dr. Manish Goyal – M.ch (CTVS)
  • Dr. Anil Kishan Vaid – M.ch (CTVS)
  • Dr. AK  choudhary- MS ( General Surgery) , M.CH (Cardiac Surgery)

Dr. Adil Rizvi- MBBS, Ms ( General Surgery) , M.CH ( Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery)

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