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All you need to know about spine and back surgery

| Neurology, Spine & Neuro Surgery
All you need to know about spine and back surgery

A doctor might suggest you, back surgery when no medicines will seem to be working for your problems such as herniated discspinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis. It is often suggested when multiple conservative treatments fail to relieve the pain.

Other than pain, what benefits you might get from back surgery?

  • You become physically fit
  • You stop taking medicines
  • Movement becomes better
  • You start feeling energetic

Spinal surgery becomes a necessity when problems are related to severe infections and tumours. Also, you cannot say no to surgery in some other specific situations, mentioned below:


There is a condition when spinal stenosis causes pressure on the nerve roots and it can be rectified with the help of Laminectomy surgery. The Laminectomy procedure involves removing the lamina, from the backside of the spinal canal that acts as a roof over the spinal cord. If needed, doctors may also remove bony prostrations or spurs, which are formed sometimes due to the result of osteoarthritis of the spine.


Discectomy can be suggested when the part of a disc herniated or causing constant pain. It can be classified into two types:

Percutaneous: It follows the procedure of removing part of a disc with the help of a laser or a suction device, with a narrow probe placed through a small incision on your back.

Microsurgical: Doctor makes a very small incision, which is less than an inch, during this type of surgery. They use a microscope to remove the damaged portion of the disc along with a small portion of the bone that covers the spinal canal.

Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

One of these procedures can be performed by a doctor when you are suffering from pain or other problems occurred due to compression fractures in vertebrae. A cement-like material is injected into the vertebrae through a needle which is as broad as cocktail straw. Very similar to the Vertebroplasty, Kyphoplasty features an additional step to help restore height to the crumbled vertebrae, which helps in reducing the deformity.

Spinal Fusion

It’s a welding procedure for connecting two or more vertebrae to create a single immobile unit. The spinal fusion process is used to rectify the motion that normally occurs between the vertebrae, and due to which the moment becomes the reason for pain.

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