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How strokes can be treated or best-handled within 6 hours?

| Neurology, Spine & Neuro Surgery
How strokes can be treated or best-handled within 6 hours?

Before giving a treatment, neuro spine specialist or concerned doctors run multiple tests in order to understand the type of stroke. CT scan and other imaging tests may have required to understand the condition. All these tests and scans are run to determine the possible causes, such as drug reaction or a tumour in the brain

Here are various tests that may run by a doctor to check the reason or condition of a stroke:

Physical exam

The physical exams like blood pressure monitoring, heart rate checking, and other neurological exams run by neurologists.

Blood Tests

A blood test is meant to check the clotting time of blood. Blood sugar and cholesterol level are needed to check during this condition.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

The doctor may inject a dye to understand the blood flow in the vessels with the help of MRI.

Cerebral Angiogram

A small incision is made in the groin to inject the dye through your major arteries followed by an x-ray test to understand the detailed view of your heart and brain vessels.


An echocardiogram is a test based on sound waves to create detailed images of your heart. An echocardiogram can find the source of clots in your heart that may have reached to your brain and resulted in a stroke.

Treatment within 6 hours:

Strokes are emergency conditions and need immediate care. There are two types of brain strokes ischemic and bleeding in the brains, which is known as hemographic. A few of the best and quickest treatments for stroke include:

Emergency IV medication

Some drugs can break up the clot in 6 hours within the time of 4.5 hours after stroke. These drugs should be given as soon as after the stroke to avoid the complications in future.

The IV medication includes the combination of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), also known as alteplase (Activase), which is known as one of the best treatments for ischemic stroke. The drug is known for restoring blood flow by dissolving clot that caused the stroke.

Endovascular Procedures

Ischemic strokes are treated directly by the doctors while reaching to the blocked vessel that caused the stroke. Endovascular therapies perform significant improvement while reducing long-term disability after ischemic stroke.

These procedures include; medication delivered directly to the brain with the help of a thin tube.

Doctors can also use a device attached to a catheter, which is beneficial for the people with big clots that can’t be dissolved or rectified with tPA.

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