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What is ICU & Critical Care and how it works as a saviour for millions of lives every year?

| Critical Care
What is ICU & Critical Care and how it works as a saviour for millions of lives every year?

Patients who are suffering from serious health disorders are reported to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a hospital. The Critical Care Unit of a hospital is responsible for providing emergency support to the patients who need immediate care for their sudden and critical health problems.

The Intensive Care Unit of a hospital appoints a team of doctors and nurses that include:

  • Intensivist 
  • Experienced doctors
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Care managers
  • Special Trained Nurses

These emergency conditions under the treatment of ICU might include:

  • Chest pain with difficulty breathing
  • Sudden internal pain in the body
  • Organ failure
  • Heart condition
  • Asthma
  • Drug-resistant infections
  • Serious accidents (car accidents and burns)

Emergency care may be needed by a patient of any age.

Process after Critical Care

Patients may be moved to the general ward of a hospital after getting better by the treatment given in ICU.

The patients who seem in a stable form, are shifted to the general ward.

Who needs critical care?

Patients who undergo invasive surgery, or are affected by an accident with serious injuries,trauma, serious infections, or people having difficulty breathing may end up in the emergency care unit of a hospital.

How does the critical care medicine unit play an important role as a saviour?

Critical Care Unit in a hospital offers an extreme level of medical support to work all our organs properly to get the stable form. The critical care doctors are equipped with all essential knowledge and training to understand and handle the critical situation of a patient.

This is the primary support given to a patient when he is suffering from critical illness .The hi-tech medical equipment  and experienced specialists  handle the department of Intensive Care and Critical Care Unit in a hospital.

Signature Hospital’s Critical Care Unit

The critical care unit of Signature Hospital belongs to the best immediate care to handle the sudden and critical illness in a patient.

Here, patients with respiratory problems, acute renal failure, cardiac problem, organ dysfunction, and serious accidental injuries  are treated with the help of the latest Intensive Care Unit Equipment set up in the ICU of Signature Hospital Gurgaon.

The department of critical care medicine at Signature Hospital ensures the perfect combination of experienced doctors and state of the art specialities and technologies, providing the best possible chances of survival of admitted patients.

The hospital offers 24x7 critical care beds with all the modern equipment to handle all types of medical emergency cases.

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